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So much for that posting thing

Wow, feeling really crappy lately, and today was really, really bad. Trying to focus on other stuff. Like!

Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving

I could actually say this about at least 60 percent of the shows I watch -- I go through all the sources for fall/spring/summer previews, whatever, and make notes about which shows sound like possibilities for me. I usually give them two to three episodes to grab me. Only a few I hate so much I can't watch more than one of. But when both La Femme Nikita and Buffy came on the air at the same time, I expected the worst. I'd loved both the movies they were based on, and so my dismay at what they sounded like as TV programs was pretty high. But Buffy had Anthony Stewart Head in it -- whereas LFN had nothing I knew of going for it. I watched the first couple episodes, found it lacking, didn't like the idea of Nikita as a big blond innocent Amazon type, and Bob had been changed into a Michael, though I did think he was pretty hot (just not Tcheky Karyo). Then [personal profile] talking_sock posted about it, and I thought, wow, I should give it a second chance because it sounds better than I remembered, the way she described it. And late at night they showed the episode "War," which just... someone wrote to my kinks in that one. Oh, they so wrote to my kinks, with Nikita besting bad guys in her birthday suit, torture and getting shot, double crosses and lies, and a hugely emotional scene when Michael and Nikita are being held captive in cages and he confesses feelings for her, and then there was the ending, with poor tortured Michael whispering to unconscious shot and tortured Nikita that not everything was a lie, and I died. Died, I tell you. I have made... how many vids in it? I don't think I can even count. I never get tired of it. Some of the technology in real life is catching up to the madeup stuff in the show. And Roy Dupuis still has the best man pain of anyone out there. I don't love the idea of the new show they're doing for it this fall on CW. But hey, you never know.

(I tried to find a clip online of the cage scene that made me fall so hard, but apparently LFN fans, true to their feral natures, don't have many clips on YouTube at all. They were always the least media-savvy fans I've ever known. But you can watch full episodes at the WB's web site.)

Day 11 - A show that disappointed you

I'm one of those idiots who will stick with a show no matter how much it disappoints me. I've abandoned only a few shows in my time -- it's just really hard for me to stop watching something if I've ever been invested in it at some point. Walk away and cut my losses? So not me. But I did with Heroes. I don't know anything that's ever come out of the starting gate so strong, and failed so badly by the second furlong. And weirdly, it wasn't the second season where it started; for me, it was the first season finale, when they clearly let Sylar go so they could use him again, despite the fact that he'd become such a joke villain by then. And there were other failings in that episode (a lot centered around Ali Larter), but the penultimate episode was fabulous. If they could have left it there, or kept that style of storytelling, maybe they could have kept it together. I think Kring was a lot like Chris Carter, in that he didn't understand what it was he'd done right in the first season, so he could never replicate it. Bringing Bryan Fuller back didn't help, and I abandoned it by the end of second season. There were some fine moments in season 2, but when they killed Nathan and replaced him with the pointless Sylar, I was gone. And now it's gone, because apparently a lot of people are like me, and were disappointed too.

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