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Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

Oh wow. Hard question is hard. So, really, my favorite show ever? How can I pick just one? Everything I love, I love a lot. And when I think about the two most likely contenders, The Professionals and Buffy, there are good reasons for one taking the #1 spot and good reasons for one not being top dog, because both have spectacularly bad qualities as well. And I leave off a show like The Wire, which is probably the best show on TV ever, because I think favorite in this case means something maybe more emotional than that -- although, it's a tough call, because my love for The Wire is pretty intense. I just think it's in a different category, maybe.

But I guess, if I had to pick between my ur and uber fandom, the once and future fandom that got me into media fandom in the first place (Pros), and the one that probably provided my biggest ups (and downs) and most passionate feelings (Buffy), I'd have to choose the latter. Pros is kind of always there for me, but if I couldn't have it on a desert island, I'd have the memories of the show that are imprinted on my brain for the 30 years I've loved it. But Buffy -- I'd watch that over again, and over again, and it could keep me satisfied for a good long time.

Of course ideally I'd have seasons 1 through 5, with a smattering of select episodes from the egregious seasons 6 and 7 thrown in that don't murder my soul or don't make me want to spork my eyes out. Buffy gave me some of the characters dearest to my heart, some of the story tropes I love most in my life (which I have to say, Pros never really did, because of the nature of its storyline), and offered all those amazing opportunities for a fan to delve deeper through fanfic, meta, vids, and so on, in a way most shows don't.

The last two years definitely did some damage to my love of the show, and some of the behind the scenes machinations tarnished the shininess (not to mention I have very different feelings about Joss after Serenity and Dollhouse). But when it comes down to it, I can't think of anything I'd rather get stuck with on a desert island than Buffy and her buddies.

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Jun. 4th, 2010 07:24 am (UTC)
I wondered if you would pick Buffy! :D

Am seriously considering doing this meme, because I am loving reading everyone's answers -- but I don't seem to have a lot to say about the actual posts. It's just wonderful to see everyone expressing their fannish love.
Jun. 5th, 2010 06:03 am (UTC)
I'm glad you are doing it! Once you get into the groove, it's kind of fun to start thinking back through everything. Let me know when you have some time and we can watch Flashpoint.
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