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well, someone's $20 richer

Tonight was second-to-last class of the quarter. I can't wait for it to end, but it's a long way from over -- I still have to review all 15 of the quarter-long projects, and there's really not a single student who is clearly a rock star, like I've had each year. Some of them I just despair of.

I needed money for parking, and also something to eat before class, so I stopped at the store and picked up a baguette (mmm... french ham and butter, so simple and so divine) and pop, and got $20 cash back from the checkout. The guy after me was pushing me out of the way, so I grabbed the money, receipt, and debit card and shoved them into my purse rather than putting each one in my wallet. It's a very windy stormy day, and I guess the flap of my bag must have been open enough or something, but the $20 seems to have pulled a Michael Scofield at some point between car and checkout. Got to the parking window on campus and ... no $20 bill. I searched everything and everywhere, but nada. I even called the store to see if I dropped it at the counter when pushy guy was pushing.

I don't know why it bugs me so much but I nearly cried. Probably just that I don't have $20 to lose. It definitely smarts. Arg. Why am I so stupid?

I'm so tired but I really want to watch Fringe. Tomorrow I have a ton of volunteer meetings and then a metals patina class in the evening, so I really should sleep, but man, Fringe. I'm so very glad I gave that show a second chance -- I rarely do that, and it's been worth it this year. [profile] vonnie_k said something really interesting about it, that it's been about grieving a lot this year, and I think that's why it speaks to me so much. There are times I ache for the characters in the show, which is really rare for me, and it gets so much of that whole carrying grief around with you as if it's part of your body thing that those of us who have lost someone important or been through something traumatic understand. I don't usually think of JJ and his team as being very deep or understanding of grownup issues, but in Fringe, they do very much appear to understand that feeling, the weight of it, the heaviness of heart and soul, that it forces you to carry.

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May. 21st, 2010 03:58 pm (UTC)
Gah, I hate losing money, too! {{{hugs}}}
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