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This really made me laugh. Found it linked from some wonderful photos of anvil clouds from my beloved West Seattle Blog.

When 30,000 feet you reach, look as good you will not.

Busy fun weekend -- I got to babysit Puplet! It was awesome, you guys. But did I remember to bring my camera? Of course not. I really wanted to get pictures of him happily nomming on his feet. I finally figured out what his skeptical face reminds me of -- I totally hear Jim Gaffigan doing his "audience member" voice when Puplet looks that way -- he's all like, "That lady's not as funny as she thinks she is" and "I'm offended on so many different levels." I hope that when Puplet first starts talking (beyond the obligatory mom and dad, family, and pet names), he sings "hot pockeeeets."

I also had the first of a set of classes on metal textures and patinas, which mostly involved hitting things, which I love to do. A LOT. There were all kinds of texture hammers and materials we could hit metal on to take on its texture, so I had a lot of mental "I hate you! BANG! Why are you such a shit? KA-BAM!" It was very cathartic. I doubt I am destined to do much in the way of cool jewelry of my own, but it's fun to take the classes and try.

And today I got a little bit more caught up on Treme, although I'm still behind, thanks to Killa, and we talked vids and such. I just can't decide what to do next, and while I think I should try to make a non-attending premieres vid for VVC, I just don't know what to actually do, and there are three vids on my hard drive waiting to be worked on, but I can't seem to actually finish them. Sigh.


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May. 18th, 2010 01:16 am (UTC)
Hitting things sounds like a fun class!
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