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On my return flight home from Escapade, I took Virgin America for the first time (a Virgin virgin, as the woman who checked my bag said), and I must say that despite the insane lateness of the plane, it was a considerably better experience than Alaska -- enough leg room that I could cross my legs (I'm 5'11" in my flattest shoes), the seats didn't force my head forward as much as other planes, leather seats in coach, purple and blue mood lighting, and they apologized numerous times for the flight delay and tried as hard as they could to make up the time -- the normally two hour and change flight was shaved down to 1 hour forty minutes.

But the best part was that the takeoff and landing were so perfect I didn't actually realize we'd lifted off or touched down for a few seconds. Smooth as glass. Other people around me commented on it as well. So when I was leaving, I saw the pilot standing in the doorway, and wanted to say something -- he looked exactly like Lee Pace. Seriously -- I think his face was a tiny bit narrower through the chin, but he could have been Lee Pace's brother, and he was almost the same height. Even though he was scrunched down to stand in the doorway, he was still quite a bit taller than me. I forgot what I wanted to say -- I was all "OMG Lee Pace is my pilot!!" But when I got up there he smiled (same dazzling, kind of quirky melancholy smile) and I said, "Best. Landing. Ever."

He did this sort of blank pause, like he was trying to parse what I said, and then his face lit up and he said shyly, "Thank you!" And he even sounded like Lee Pace!

Yeah, I think I want to fly Virgin again, for surez. The bad part is that they're out of SFO, which is like 90% fogbound all the time (why we were so late), but if I can fly home with Lee Pace, dude, I'm willing to chance it. (Why do I not have any Pushing Daisies icons?)


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Mar. 4th, 2010 09:17 pm (UTC)
So that's what out of work actors do when their shows are canceled. :)
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