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I'm sick as a dog and I have to go get my hair cut, pick up a prescription before I leave, get cat food and litter, finish packing, clean up the kitchen, and go speak to a class tonight and hope I can find free parking because I spent $7 last night to have to park downtown for ten freaking minutes to go speak to the Wed. class, and try to get to bed early so I can get up at the crack of oh-dark-thirty for my plane to Escapade. I don't even have the DVD inserts for our vid disc cut so I will have to try to find some scissors and hack through them there.

I feel like utter shit -- I've had this weird low-level cold for quite a few days, where I felt sorta kinda sick but not enough to really feel like I had one. But then yesterday it exploded into a full blown fever and cold, and I'm sick of blowing my nose and aching. I can't really lie in bed because there's so much to do still.

I did watch the women's short program from last night's Olympics, and am so psyched that Kim Yu-Na was in the lead. FINGER GUNS! She made finger guns, people, and skated to James Bond music! I love her for that alone, but she's a damn good skater. I really want her to win the gold. And I would like Joannie Rochette to win something too, just because of what she's going through. I didn't get sniffly when she skated, or when she finished and cried, but I did get choked up when Scott Hamilton got so choked up himself. That was when I finally kind of lost it. Mao Asado's costume was atrocious and I feel like deducting points just for that. But she skated a really strong routine and her triple was awesomely executed. Rachael Flatt sure is a cutie pie, but she reminds me a bit too much of Tonya Harding, and that makes me shudder with bad memories. I'm hoping her long program might erase that connection in my mind.

Time to get ready to go stumble through the rest of the day.


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Feb. 24th, 2010 10:04 pm (UTC)
Have fun at Escapade and Bitchin' Party, am sad that I have to miss both cons. Give everybody a howdy from me! =}
Feb. 25th, 2010 12:16 am (UTC)
Damn! I missed that one. We were so tired out from the day we both fell asleep before it started. I wanna see the FingerGuns!!!
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