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Project Runway season 7

I was totally ready to give up on this after the season 6 debacle, but it's still kind of enjoyable. I hate that DirecTV isn't carrying Lifetime in HD so everything looks like shit on my screen, but there have been some creative outfits so far, though as usual, people are ignoring Tim Gunn and seriously, you just do not ignore Tim. Ever.

People seem to think Ping's charming but she's the kind of person that I can understand why people like her, yet she makes me insane. I hate being around people like her, disorganized and scattershot and always late and clueless. She's sweet, yes, but... god what a dingbat.

But the one thing I keep thinking about is that Jesse Le Noir (seriously? Le Noir? Oh, honey) is totally Logan 2.0, but no one else seems to be saying this. He's got the stupid hats, the straight boy blond thing going on, he even slouches and looks like Logan in the face at certain angles. And he can't make pants, so there's a resemblance in craft, as well!


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Jan. 30th, 2010 04:31 pm (UTC)
Good riddance, Ping. No loss.

Am not as inspired by this season's crop of designers, actually. Boring me to tears. But I watch for Tim and for Heidi's faboo snarkiness, so it's okay.

I'm liking that they're switching up their models more this time.

And I love the catty 'Models of the Runway'....
Jan. 31st, 2010 10:10 pm (UTC)
I haven't had much feeling for the designers since, I think, S3, when I just really wanted Laura to win and of course hideous angry little peanut won. I kind of liked 4, in that there were some interesting ideas in it, but I was a little bored by wunderkind Christian. It's been kind of downhill since then. I just wish they'd show more of the clothing than the bickering and quibbling.
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