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The hardest part

So, movie is all clipped, and song edited (though it sounds badly edited to me, but I can live with it, because I'm terrible at song editing), and now I'm ready to start on my Escapade vid. Which I've never waited so long to work on. Deadline is the 22nd, but I'm going to be pushing up against that for sure.

Why is it so hard to start? I have three vids clipped and ready to go, and I can't seem to start on any of them. It's shameful, especially because one of them was supposed to be for someone during a time of great distress, and she's not in distress anymore. Gah.

Vidding is hard, yo.

I dropped in a suggestion for a Chuck panel at Escapade, too, and am trying to think of some others to add to the suggestion list. The bad part about not being into all the things that are fandoms du jour is that it's harder to think of topics that will be of interest for more than you and one of your friends.

Oh, and also, I saw Sherlock Holmes yesterday finally. Was... underwhelmed. Frustrated, frequently. There were some good moments but they didn't make a whole. I guess next time I will go with far lower expectations. I think I'll see Daybreakers next, just because I have a really, really low bar on that one. ;-)

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Jan. 10th, 2010 05:16 am (UTC)
OMG, your icon!

I'm such a huge amateur when it comes to vidding. I think the number one talent for a vidder is patience. I get frustrated with the timing and then I'll just get irritated and go draw something instead. I don't have enough patience to vid like the cool kids.

I haven't seen Sherlock yet but I want to. And Daybreakers, yay! Also, Legion, like you said in your last post, should ROCK. I have a love affair with end-it-all, scarier-than-you angels.
Jan. 12th, 2010 11:03 pm (UTC)
Isnt' that great? I asked M'lyn to make it for me because I wanted Paul, but with his eyes the only color. The vid I'm making right now is for Butch Cassidy, so I'm thinking of him a lot. Patience is possibly the single biggest aspect for me of making a vid. I am just as impatient as you are, it seems -- it's just really easy for me to lose it, then go off and do something else, and avoid coming back to it at all.
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