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Wow, talk about delayed gratification

Thanks to everyone for the torrent info. I didn't get comments until tonight so I apologize for not responding as they came in. Sigh. Good old LJ. It's interesting, there seems to be a lot of tv specific sites mentioned, but not so many all encompassing ones like Mininova was. I do look at movies a bit, but the main thing I've been doing is using it to discover some cool music and then going to buy the ones I really want. RIP, mininova.

Tried a sekrit handshake place today but it's not going well -- there's no way I can keep the ratio they want because I can't seem to get my "connected" status fixed. I've spent way too much time trying to troubleshoot this, but I understand next to nothing any of the advice postings say, and when I try to do things it doesn't seem to help. This is kind of why I never really wanted to do this -- the difficulty I have troubleshooting the technicalities of all this. I may just ask them to scrub the account and take my chances on a non-sekrity place.

I finally looked at my itinerary for Christmas flying and I realized it's not Christmas eve after all, it's Christmas night, which is totally awesome as now I will be able to read Yuletide stories! Not many, but at least I'll be able to see my own, and hopefully a few others. A much better way to travel. I talked with Keith tonight and I can already tell that barring a blizzard or something else that ruins the travel, we're going to be in full-bore fannish pimp mode with each other and we'll never get any sleep because we'll be yammering so much.

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