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I can haz Yuletide!

Sorry for the lengthy delay, my dear Yuletide writer. Busy weekend!

In general, I will just be very happy to have a story to wake up to on the high holy day of the Winter Shopping Festival. It will be wonderful to see that someone else cares about my fandoms, too. I hope that you will write what you enjoy, and my details in the Yuletide signup are pretty much my main points of interest or concern. Everything else here is just the gravy -- makes something taste better and has lots of yummy fat, but it's not necessary to the enjoyment of the main items. I can be pretty sure you're not here for my fandom of one, MDs, so I won't spend too much time on that one.

MDs: Since I doubt anyone is writing this, I'll just say that this is one where I really don't care much about other characters besides Bruce and Robert. If they just existed in a white room, I could even be happy, though I do love scenery and world-building. A plot would be cool, but just having them together would be so awesome.

Chuck: I really love Chuck for himself, and Chuck and Casey's relationship, because it's clear he gets under Casey's skin and that really, really pisses Casey off. Character studies of either one or both together would be great, Chuck introducing Casey to things in his world like comics and other geeky things might be really fun, especially if Casey finds himself liking them. I don't want Sarah or anyone else to be marginalized or bashed, but I would love the focus to be on them if it's an ensemble piece. Casey doesn't get much of a personal life or background, isn't totally rounded on the show, and I think it could be super fun if somehow we learn more about John through his relationship with Chuck. Slash, friendship, gen... it's all good. (I'm completely caught up so no worries on series limits.)

Buckaroo Banzai: I adore the relationship between Buckaroo and Rawhide. I don't believe for a moment that if Buckaroo could revive Penny, he couldn't revive Rawhide. Something with them being reunited, or a before-movie story with them, would be fantastic. I love their banter, their reliance on each other, their understanding of each other's needs, and that they completely pass the broccoli test in such a huge way. I love Rawhide's totally blase attitude about the most insane things, and how completely without judgement or pettiness he is, and how that mirrors Buckaroo's way of looking at life. I also love that they're both super smart, super competent guys who clearly love each other deeply -- and that's if you want to look at it through slash glasses or just as an intense friendship. Anything plotty, bromancey, or just plain fun would be lovely, but if they're just bonding over a playlist for their next gig, that's cool too. And I love everyone in the movie, so other characters are icing on the cake.

White Collar: So far what I love about this show is the character development and the look and feel of it, and how pretty Neal and Peter are. I love that for once, an FBI guy is smart and literate and not a stooge; Peter's ultracompetent and that is beyond sexy, but Neal is also pretty damn competent himself to make Peter chase him for three years. The plots are lame and completely throw-away, so I'm not as tied into a real story as I might be, I'd just like to see them bantering with each other and being adorable and passing that aforementioned broccoli test. I'm not much into threesomes, but if you want to work Ellie in as well, that's okay, I just care more for Neal and Peter myself. Slash or bromance friendship is cool here.

Stuff I like and don't like:
I'm all about good writing. I work with words on a daily basis, so language and setting and crisp, believable dialog make me exceptionally happy. I love a good metaphor or simile. I love plotty things I can sink my teeth into and knowing a writer took their time to craft something. For me, that's much more important than an unusual idea or complex plot.

I like slash, and gen when there's a good story to tell, and het when there's a great m/f sexual relationship. Slash doesn't have to be explicit, it can be shopping for curtains or a romp in the hay, I don't really care, as long as the characterization is there.

I'm not fond of any two characters -- if someone doesn't sound like themselves in the canon, I get troubled and try to mentally rewrite things in my head. Everyone has a different voice, and that's what really excites me in fiction. I can't handle kink or crack fiction -- especially anything BDSM, or stuff like extreme AUs. I also really really dislike religion-based stories (meaning, if the story is about someone's faith, rather than if religions play a part in a plot, the way Da Vinci Code does it, as an example), anything with children or characters having children (especially MPREG), or animal cruelty or torture porn. And if the characters become socks or cats or garden gnomes, I'm outa there.

If you can make me laugh, I'm putty in your hands, and if you can make me cry, you are a goddess (or god). I can handle death fic, breakups, sad stuff in general, so please don't feel you have to make a happy story if you're not inclined toward warm and fuzzy. Just be yourself! And thank you in advance!

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