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Aim for the Head

OMG tonight's Mad Men! The most distressing episode ever, y/y? Don, how are you so sexy and lovable and so loathsome at the same time?

Went to see Zombieland with mlyn today. SO MUCH FUN Y'ALL!! I love zombies, especially spoofy zombie stuff and this one had all the great ingredients -- gore, more gore, and too much gore, Hummers and Cadillac Escalades with cow catchers, lots and lots of guns, and carnival rides. Plus Abigail Breslin, who somehow is getting cuter as she gets older, I don't know how. I couldn't stop laughing at the Russell Crowe joke and I think I injured myself.

It comes it at a lean runtime of 80 minutes so it doesn't overstay its welcome, important in a zombie movie. I liked that the zombies move faster than the traditional Night of the Living Dead versions, but a little slower than 28 Days Later ones -- nice variations on their thematic inspirations. Normally I despise Woody Harrelson, but I think this was a role he was designed to play, you know what I mean?

But I think the best thing is the credits and title cards and such -- its interactivity with the action in the movie was delightful. All in all, a good time, well-done, and more laughs than I've had in a really long time at a comedy. This would make a perfect complement to Shaun of the Dead for a sterling double feature.

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Oct. 12th, 2009 09:37 pm (UTC)
Another person who enjoyed Zombieland! My ole roomie rec'd it and...her rec was spot on, "Loads of fun!" That is exactly what it was, eh?

I'm definitely going to go see that again as it's a rather cathartic romp!
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