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Happy birthdays to both mlyn and bientot here in Seattle, and to ann1962!! Wow, kind of an auspicious day, no? I hope you have a great day, and that the coming year brings you all the things you want.


Last night I watched some of the things that have sat on my tifaux for a really long time, including a one-woman monologue by Julia Sweeney (from Saturday Night Live, she created a number of memorable characters, especially Pat) called God Said, Ha! It's about her moving back to LA and then caring for her brother through his treatment for lymphoma, and her parents move in with her, and then she develops a rare kind of cervical cancer, all of this after a divorce.

I really admire people who can talk about tragic things with humor, that was always something I tried to do when both Mom and sis_r were sick. My mom wasn't exactly famous for her sense of humor, and mine is pretty black, but sis_r, I think, often appreciated my bitter sarcasm and bleak jokes because they were things she wanted to say but couldn't, because she tried so hard to keep up that positive, brave face. I think I got to be her outlet sometimes, although she used to tell me I had to be her rock, which I think both of us knew was pretty funny because I was never anybody's rock.

Anyway, at one point during this terrible ordeal, one of her cats moves in with a neighbor. I laughed and laughed. I couldn't have picked a better movie to watch. At one point she details horrible thing after horrible thing and ends up having to go to the grocery store to get cat food, and talks about how it's not a good sign when the single lady is in the checkout line with 15 cans of cat food in the middle of the night. Ah ha ha ha.

I would highly recommend this for just about anyone, but if you're the kind of person who can appreciate black humor in the face of overwhelming emotional problems, you should totally watch this. It's really kind of cathartic, I felt, and she does such a perfect impression of clueless parents that anyone can relate to the story, even if they've never had a family member get sick before.

So, speaking of cats who find themselves new homes, Olive has been pretty agreeable about following me home when I go up and get her from Sandy's house (the neighbor whose house she decided should be her new home). She talks to me like I just stopped by for a kaffee klatch or something. But then she runs right back out first chance she gets and legs it up to Sandy's. Yesterday, though, much to my surprise, she came in for food while my friend Keith was visiting (he was only here for a few hours, but I took him up to the cool new bar here and bought him a birthday drink). Then after he left, I brought her home for dinner, but she zipped back out before I could stop her, then came back a few hours later for a nap on her bed, then ran back out when I took out the garbage, and finally came home around 1, when I was going out to go look for her, there she was waiting to come in!

I guess that means the no extra food and water thing is working. I think she still wants to be up in Sandy's yard or porch, since there aren't any other hated kitties there, but she seems willing to at least come home once in a while for food. We have to work on a lot of other stuff, though. It's obvious she hates being here, but... for now, I just hope she stays with Sandy and doesn't try to find another person who'll take pity on her.

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Sep. 14th, 2009 08:47 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the lovely wishes.

I hope for the best of luck with Olive.
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