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If any of you were curious about the NBC show Southland but never had a chance to catch up with it, NBC is showing it again starting tonight at 8 ET and PT, 7 Central. I'm completely baffled by why they'd show something like that at 8, but whatevs, at least they're repeating it. I really don't get why networks won't repeat their series in summer so people can discover them, it used to be the saving grace for a lot of shows that were iffy during their regular season run.

Anyways, it's a pretty good gritty cop show, not perfect, but has some wonderful characters, including Regina King's kickass but sensitive detective and Michael Cudlitz's canonically gay patrol officer. Some of the characters are total douchebags (and unlike, say, Hill Street Blues, were the douches were fascinating, these guys aren't really, IMO, so I just FF through pretty much all their scenes) and there can be giant plot holes that make you wince, but overall, it's really good, and wow, I can't say enough about Michael Cudlitz. I loved him as Bull Randleman in Band of Brothers, and he's just mesmerizing here (and how often do we get a cop who's gay who's not played as tragic or a victim or tormented?).

Now that Life is cancelled, I wish Charlie Crews would show up to work at this precinct. ;-)

ETA: I've pretty much given up on Heroes after that season finale, but I admit, this preview for the new volume has me intrigued -- mostly because of Robert Knepper (T-Bag from Prison Break). Eye shadow! Cool coat! Oirish accent! Gentle malevolence! Oh, Robert, don't lure me back into that crappy show -- I still see fucking Ali Larter (why won't they get rid of her????) and Sylar (of course they're going to amp up the Quinto now that ST is a hit). Goddamn it. The Carnivale-esque overtones intrigue me... I don't want to be intrigued! They ruined the show for me a long time ago! WHAT.

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Jul. 31st, 2009 10:20 pm (UTC)
I gave up on Heroes a long time ago, but...I'm totally going to marathon the last 2 seasons to catch up. All for Robert Knepper in creepy Carnivale mode. How can I resist Creepy Carnivale Knepper??
Aug. 1st, 2009 12:34 am (UTC)
I not only watched all of Southland firs time around, I downloaded the eps and watched them again and I'm still going to watch these showings.

I love Michael Cudlitz (I follow his sometimes dorky Twitter *G*) and Regina King (Lydia is totally kickass - I want to be her when I grow up!). I even like Ben McKenzie's character, too.

And I'm still totally snarked that they canceled 'Life'.

Oh hell, they're playing Southland at 7 instead of 9 so they're 'beeping' content. o_O
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