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Still bitter

It's been a few weeks since Imeem took down everyone's vids, and I'm still bitter. All the work we did putting them up, building a community of like-minded vidders, all the comments, everything... grrr.

But I think what's making me more bitter is that I find BAM video vault a much less worthy alternative, and Viddler and Blip may not be a good place even though the video quality seems better, at least on Viddler, due to their TOSs and whatnot. When I saw that someone had already had a vid taken down by Blip, I figured I wasn't even going to bother trying to set something up there because it seems highly unlikely we won't get TOSed and C&Ded to death in the future.

But I've put 4 vids up now at BAM and they are incredibly disappointing -- I don't know what frame rate the vids are encoding as, but it's seriously sub-par, possibly even worse than YouTube. It's definitely not as grainy as YouTube, so that's at least a plus, and it does seem like they really want to support fannish vidding, but it's disheartening to see the herky-jerkyness of the vids there and realize that half of your flash-cut edits aren't even showing up. It's like a whole nother vid, and not a good one.

I wanted to have some kind of streaming space so that I could put up at least the vids that are mentioned in articles or blogs, so that those links can go live once again. But I just am so disappointed by the terrible jittering that I don't know if I want to go to all the trouble of uploading vid after vid there. (People said there was a batch upload, but I sure as hell can't find it.) Just to see how bad it was, I uploaded a vid that uses a number of 1-3 frame cuts, and the playback can't handle it at all. All the other vids, even with slow cuts, look bad, and any kind of a pan shot or rack focus makes it stutter.

So now I can't really decide what to do. Spend all this time uploading vids that I don't even think people really care about, just to keep any links or recs live, or forget the whole thing, since despite the progress we think we're making, vidders are never going to be a coveted animal in any site because of what we do.

I'm also not inclined to do much right now in terms of uploading and such just because my god, it's so effing hot. It's been 90 in my house all day, with al the windows open and doors open and everything. I went in search of a box fan today because my furnace fan just isn't able to do that much to get rid of the hot air sticking around. Wow, was that tough. Just about every store in Seattle was sold out of fans. I finally stopped by on the way home, having given up, at the little hardware store by my house and they were selling out of their last pallet of cheap box fans. I snatched that up like a glutton at the dessert cart. It's still horrible in here, but at least I can sit in front of the fan and dry the sweat off. I can't even bear the thought of going to my gym (the cardio is on the second floor, where there is no AC).

I did walk up to the salon and get my hair cut at the hottest part of the day. It's five blocks that felt like 50. I wasn't able to even sleep last night despite taking a pill. The cats are like melted butter and they are so miserable, but there's nothing I can do for them, really. Blues is scared of the fans, but... not going to not use them. Seattle has no real infrastructure for extreme heat or extreme winter weather -- it's so mild here most of the time that we don't plan for the bad ends of things. So quite a few places have no AC, and it's highly unusual in homes here. My neighbors put in a window AC yesterday, and I wish I had the money for that. Oh well, another year.
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