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Brian Williams is an animal

OMG, 30 Rock tonight. I have always loved the Brian Williams jokes they make ("the man's an animal"), but I never expected him to actually cameo on the show. It was hilarious and unexpected, which is always the best kind of guest spot. I 3> Tina Fey and her writing team.


This is my first attempt at a crosspost. I have no idea what to expect. The other night, a bunch of us were discussing what we would call Dreamwidth in speech. Most people say ell-jay for LJ, and it's a lot easier to say LJ than LiveJournal. However, Dreamwidth is easier to say than dee-dubble-you, which means that the initialism of DW isn't convenient nor does it trip off the tongue liltingly.

Sandy (sherrold) was heading in a direction that took me a minute to figure out, but then I realized she was getting at dee-dub, which I suggested should work. Like we say vee-dub for VW, Volkswagen. (Of course, if you were German, you would not say vee-dub, but that's beside the point.) So we believe it should be dee-dub for short. I like that, it's compact and it has history in the whole vee-dub thing.

I like it. And I'm not sure if we can even do polls here, so I won't attempt it, but what do you think? Dee-dub for the win, y/y?

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