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I can has Yuletide!

I have a story! I really, really wanted a story for Christmas, and look, I got one! I know how crazy it sounds, but I still kept thinking, all through this first Yuletide experience, that I wouldn't get one. But I did!

And it's Charlie Jade, y'all. The one fandom I expected least, because it's so freaking small and I know most of the people who are in it, and a lot of them aren't doing Yuletide this year.

Subjective Truth (isn't that a fantastic title?) is here and it's a Karl Lubinsky point of view looking at my beloved Charlie, after the investigation into Themba's disappearance. For a short piece, I am amazed at how much is packed into it, including real political stuff and Karl's history. Go read it and please leave comments for my wonderful gifter!

And someone else got a story... well, a couple thousand someone elses. And one of them was for another one of my v. small fandoms, Flashpoint, and it's a wonderful, lovely interior voice of Jules Callahan, on her first day at the SRU. It has Greg being sweet, adorable Greg and Ed being (and having!) a big dick. It's called Lateral Entry Program and it's really fantastic.

More recs later!

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