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An. . . tici . . . PATION!

As we wait for the Yuletide unveiling, I wanted to rec a couple stories from last year, for Chuck, which I stumbled on in some intrepid Chuck-fic research last night (I don't think I realized it would be a fandom for me at this point last year).

Casey vs. the Dorks is here. Yeah, there are some errors in here, but overall the voices are excellent (I especially love the Nerd Herders).

"When bored, the Nerd Herd turned on its own in a harmless but still deeply annoying fashion."

"His smile was chilling as he bore down on Chuck and Morgan, both of whom remained rooted to the spot in a fantastic display of poor survival skills."

And a slightly longer, porny Casey/Chuck slash, Chuck vs. the Itch, is adorable in the calculated way Casey decides to go after Chuck.

"It's really simple. Somehow you've gotten under my skin like a bad itch. And the best way to ease an itch is to scratch it."


I have such rotten cabin fever that I think I will go mad. The cats are certainly going mad. I walked up to the grocery store, very carefully, this afternoon just because I couldn't stand it anymore. I walk up to the store all the time, almost every day if weather allows, and I felt very petty and small sometimes, watching a lot of my neighbors walking up there too. They're the people I see drive to the store, which is about six blocks away and very walkable, as often as I walk, in their goddamn SUVs, and all I could think was, well, here we are in our hell of climate change, and it's people like you who've put us here. I expect we'll have much more unusual weather in our future and I definitely don't believe this will be the last of it for a long time, which so many people seem to think, judging by the TV and the talk at the store around me.

OTOH, my icicles on the front of the house are freaking spectacular, and huge, and I find them endlessly entertaining. I've been cleaning house a lot today, because it's gotten so horrid in here. I don't like clutter but I can live with it for a while until I snap, but I hate dirt, and I had both dirt and clutter, so I snapped and did as much as I could. I can't dust though, because of all the Christmas decorations, but I'm itching to do that.

I hope the rest of you who're in places where there's a snowmageddon going on are safe and warm, and those of you who are in places where it's quite nice, well... ptttthhh. ;-)

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Dec. 24th, 2008 01:48 am (UTC)
I'm eagerly looking forward to the Yuletide reveal - and this year I'll likely have time to read immediately, as it's looking like I'll be stuck at home, instead of with the family.

be cautious of your gorgeous icicles - when things warm enough so they detach, they can be hazardous. we had reports of several falling from street lights or power lines onto cars, and smashing windshields; I'd hate to have one land on your noggin.
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