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Hello, sekrit Yuletide giftee giver

This is my first Yuletide participation, beyond betaing and helping people craft their stories. So please pardon moi while I flail a little and my brain spins out of control. I'm not sure really what to say to you other than to tell you what my basic likes and not-likes are, and that I hope more than anything you will write what you enjoy. Obviously we have at least one fandom in common, so my Yuletide wish is that you are happy with the assignment and you're not going OMG, why did I offer that? and wishing like mad you could retract your statements.

But! Here's some info about me, and don't believe everything you hear if you ask other people about me. I'm not really that bad, honest!

Pretty much anything I said on my requests is what I'm interested in (no! You don't say, Capt. Obvious!). I didn't really want to give any specific prompts because, well, honestly? I don't have any! I don't want to stage direct the stories, which would be easy to do, since I sort of do that for a living, and I have vowed to keep that peanut butter part of my life out of my chocolate. So, my likes are, in no particular order:

* Character (you know how I said "meaty character development" in my requests? I didn't mean like a t-bone steak or anything, I just really like character stuff I can sink my teeth into and tear)
* Plotty stuff, or stuff that's related to the universe the story is set in (or in the case of Charlie Jade, universes plural).
* Grammar (the good kind) and understanding of POV and narrative voice, past tense narratives as opposed to present.
* Characters who sound like they do in the series or movie.
* Competence -- people who really know what they're doing are hot. Smart people are hot. You can sense a pattern here, can't you?
* Fun! And that's wide open -- fun can be anything from people shooting at other people to sitting around bantering in a bar to sex to... well, just about anything you can think of. One fan's angst is another fan's fun!
* Love. I am all about the love. All my requests except Charlie Jade are about specific characters' relationships with a specific someone else, and this is a big part of what I enjoy. Love doesn't have to be sex, especially if slash isn't your thing, but I do want people to be together, to be friends and to love each other, in some way, even if it's just a gen friendship.
* Place settings. No, not for like a formal dinner, but descriptions and sense of place and details and just... oh! I love it when someone can make me feel like I'm there.
* Humor. If you can write witty banter, comedy, or anything snarky and light, you are a golden child.

Stuff what I don't like so much:

* Kink or cracky stuff -- for me, that's a really all-encompassing term and includes everything from bdsm to wingfic or any of the other phrases cracky stuff gets labeled with. I really don't like fanfic that steps outside the actual laws of the universe (or universes for Charlie!) the canons are set in, or outside the characters that we see on screen. I mean, it's possible Buckaroo could grow wings and become an angel after the movie, but... that's not what I'm interested in. And if they're socks or Pez dispensers or whatever... eeeee.
* AUs (unless they're the kind of "what if" scenarios where someone turns down a different road or doesn't meet someone), crossovers, and babies, oh my.
* Sex games and roleplaying. Kind of related to the first one above, but specificity never hurts!
* Any two guys. Or any two people. If it sounds like it could be anyone, my peanut butter gets into my chocolate and then I feel the need to fix the stories, and, well, that kind of ruins the whole Yuletide thing!
* Religion. Of any kind. Faith and spirituality are not necessarily equivalent to organized religion, but it's not my favorite theme.

So that's me. I hope that helps you flesh out the details of the kinds of things I like, but really, just having any present at all for the holidays is such a big deal to me that I don't think you can go wrong here. I am looking so very forward to seeing what you do!

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