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Bon weekend

Good long weekend for the most part. In it, I:

* Hosted a bash for some of the local gang, those who could make it. We were down a few Cannibals due to such vagaries as travel to enjoy butter sculptures at the Minnesota State Fair and one person severing their big toe tendon with a kitchen knife. We MCs really know how to live, I tell you. But we watched a lot of vids and drank a lot and that is always good, if you ask me.

* Went to a birthday celebration for sdwolfpup at the Family Fun Plex or whatever it is called. I have never been there before, but we played (Fraser-approved) Arctic Miniature Golf. I am not even remotely competent at this sort of organized activity, but I did get a hole in one at some point, and killabeez's wonderful spouse kept telling me how much I had improved, which I demurred over, since it was more of an idiot savant sort of experience. Afterward, we played a game of Lazer Tag, which I did not understand how to play because our "coach" began her canned instruction spiel before I even got into the huddle, and it sounded like "regga burrda gar blergel WILL YOU PLEASE STOP SHOOTING! driglma grizzle ga ga" as we were all trying to figure out how to use the guns. Really, she was quite unnecessarily sharp. We played against a family team with quite a few pre-adolescents, and SDW herself, who joined the team so we wouldn't have to wait longer to play. None of us knew, I think, that the room was black-lit, and I stood out like a vast glowing beacon in my little white cardigan and white jeans. So I decided that the role of sniper was appropriate for one so ill-camoflauged, and I took up a few different defensive positions and sniped effectively at the daring little rug-rats who maneuvered behind enemy lines. And I got a damn good score doing it, I might add! As we left the park, mlyn and I were dismayed to see that there were GO KARTS. And we were not on them. So we resolved to return to the Funplex and play more Lazer Tag and get fast and furious with the Go Karts. It was all quite a lot of fun (because it was indeed a fun plex), and good for me, because I don't have a game gene in my DNA anywhere, so it helps remind me that there are fun things to do even within the context of playing games -- especially when one has such magnificent company.

* Got some work done.

* Found a huge, gigantic, nay, gargantuan bouquet of flowers on my doorstep Monday, no note or card. It was almost to my bazooms in height, and about two to three feet around. After a few hours I noticed that my neighbor straight across had one on his porch, and there was one on the other side across the street (when you live on a corner, quite a few people are your across-the-street neighbors). When the kids on the other side didn't pick up theirs, I started thinking that perhaps they were the ones who left it for me -- Saturday night, they had a rehearsal dinner for their wedding, and I saw quite a lot of flowers in the garage. My other neighbor thinks that's what happened -- they were just sharing with us. (She had also come over, even in the middle of her rehearsal dinner, to tell me she saw my kitty, because that was the first time we'd ever really talked, when I asked if I could look in her garage for Blues. I thought that was really sweet of her. Of course, I had a mouthful of bread with kalamata olive tapenade when I greeted her at the door, grinning at her with my black encrusted teeth, which in hindsight explains her slightly horrified expression.)

* Watched the Revenger's Tragedy. What? I know I'm not the only person who ran home after VVC and put that on their Netflix queue. Quite interesting.

* Saw Indiana Jones and the Whatsit of Whosits. Wow, was that disappointing. It was almost sad, to see something that had once meant so much to me had come to mean so little, that they had beaten the concepts and tropes I once loved to death. It felt so stale and repetitive that even the reunion of Marion and Indy couldn't keep my interest. Maybe if I'd seen it when it first came out, I'd feel differently, but I doubt it.

* Saw the house come closer to being finished getting painted. It has been a lot of work for the company I hired, as they took the south wall down to bare wood. A week of having this huge tarp hanging off the roof, covering my bedroom area, and flapping like a theatre thunderclap-machine during the past week of storms, has meant little sleep for me, so I am grateful it is finally gone. I think the color looks smashing myself, although my alarmingly unobservant guests didn't notice until I mentioned it or dragged them outside to look.

And now I need to respond to comments on the vid, which I have put off in favor of work, but I need to get back to.


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Sep. 3rd, 2008 02:52 pm (UTC)
Revengers Tragedy?
okay, I wasn't at VVC, and I would swear I didn't know there was a recent movie of it.

And yet this morning I had this weird little daydream about doing community theater, maybe not comedy, maybe something classic, like...


If you need me, I'm going to be over here, NOT examining my psychic powers.
Sep. 4th, 2008 12:52 am (UTC)
Go Karts as in smash into other people while driving as fast as possible Go Karts? Duuuude. Sign me up. Well, when I can drive again...

Glad you had a such a good weekend. Cheers me up a bit... ;-)
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