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More Joy Day!

I don't have a lot of joy today, much as I'm trying to feel the spirit. But I do have something to share that I think a lot of people will enjoy--I'm fostering a litter of four-week-old chihuahua puppies and their mum for Motley Zoo Animal Rescue, the group I sometimes foster dogs with. This is the first time as an adult I've been around puppies full time and let me tell you, it is…not as much fun as it seems. :-D There's the wonderful stuff: snuggling little babies as big as you palm and that have that delish puppy smell, and having them mouthing on your fingers and hands is a trip. But there is also a lot of pee and tons of poop now that they're eating puppy mush, and they are indiscriminate about where they go.

So is mum, to a certain degree, as she isn't really housetrained and has a lot of issues, which is typical for rescue dogs. She's been through a lot--emergency c-section, shelter, and may have come from a hoarder so of course has a skin condition and other serious problems. She's terrified of me because I had to give her a medicated bath first thing. And I need to bathe the pups too, but haven't yet.

Still--there is cuteness! And it might give you Joy!

I can never figure out how to put anything up on DW (this is still my biggest grrrr about the site), so I'm linking here:

Minute long video of no-holds-barred puppy fight at 3:30 a.m. : http://teatotally.tumblr.com/post/156135774205/for-more-joy-day-i-give-you-a-minute-of-wild

Short video of snuggles plus Mom: http://teatotally.tumblr.com/post/156056355785/im-fostering-a-litter-of-four-week-old-puppies

Sleepytimes pic: http://teatotally.tumblr.com/post/156103318125/post-prandial-sleepytimes-puppies-pupsters

My instagram and my tumblr are both under "teatotally" and I'm sure I will be posting more puppy and mom related joy in the near future. I am going to try to avoid the pics of me having poo and barf and pee related meltdowns or things like my pounding headaches and severe lack of sleep. Oh, wait…I guess I did. :-D

If you're in the Seattle area and would like to meet them, they will need socializing. I can't let them come in contact with other dogs until they get their vaccines in a couple weeks, but they are snugglable and need the socialization!

ETA: I keep forgetting to add: the best part of this is that it's the Supergirl litter! Mum is Cat Grant, and the babies are "Males = Tan male (Winn Schott) and black male (James Olsen) Females = Tan female (Kara Danvers), black and white female (Lucy Lane), black female with little white (Lena Luthor)"

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Jan. 23rd, 2017 11:15 pm (UTC)
I regret it so much now. I mean, my god they're adorbs, but…it's just overwhelming and terrible.
Jan. 23rd, 2017 11:50 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry it's such a pain. They are very, very cute, though. But I hear ya on the mess and the muchness.

Never dealt with puppies, but one day many years ago, I walked into the bookstore where I worked, and there was a giant pen full of kittens in the middle of the floor. Six kittens. No mom. They were using a box, but of course, it had been spilled, and there was water everywhere, so I cleaned up, especially since the store owner didn't usually show up until after noon, and this was about 9:30 AM. She hadn't called me to warn me, and seemed surprised when she got there about an hour later, that I'd scooped litter, changed out blankets and towels (found fresh ones in the back room, and given them fresh food and water. Um, I was going to leave the smelly litter right there in the middle of the store for the customers to enjoy? Yeah, no.

We used to let them out to explore for an hour or so at a time (and to run off some energy, because omg), and it was so intense and exhausting, having to keep track of them and make sure they didn't run out the door or climb the shelves, plus actually work. (She and her husband found them, freshly dumped, when they were out for a walk.) They all found homes eventually; one of them stayed and became the store cat, although he went home with her at night.

They weren't nearly as difficult as I imagine your puppies would be–they were a bit older, were eating food, and knew what the box was for–and they were still so much work. I think it took about six weeks to get them all adopted, and I was so ready for the kittens to be gone by then. And I had three cats at home...

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