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Sometimes I wonder what the fuck is wrong with me. Well, actually, I wonder that all the time, but specifically, I started a story for the Idyll Challenge mentioned in my last post, and I'm at 2,900 words and I've only just begun. The longest story posted to the challenge so far is 1,400 words or so. Why is it so hard for me to write anything short? Why can't I just get to the fucking point (or the point of fucking, since let's face it, what's an idyll without some sexing going on)?

Also, I really need to get some icons for Pacific Rim.

I've been remiss in posting pics of my newest foster dog, Ginny. She's kind of a handful. Really cute and super, super sweet, but she keeps going after my cats and not in a "just chasing" way. She kind of loses her rag when she seems them move around, especially in the yard. She's getting slightly better about it in the house, but it's making life very difficult for me and stressing me out a bit, not to mention stressing the cats out, who are living in the kitchen on the table and counter. Olive is getting a little better about moving around in the house, but she's still pretty wary -- usually she's like "come at me bro" whenever a dog is uppity, but she's really scared about Ginny. (Possibly because of the screeching and hysterical barking.)

I have to keep her on the leash at all times, and watch her. Yesterday at the adoption event, I bought a 20 foot cable lead so I could tie her up outside, since she likes to be outside and hang out on the porch in the sun. This way if she goes after the cats, she can only go so far and then she'll bounce back, and she can't escape -- which she's done four or five times so far, not something you really want with a foster dog. But she's the exact opposite of what they told me -- she loves kids, she loves meeting new people, she is fine with other dogs, and she chases my cats. That's the thing about fostering -- it's like roulette.

Anyways. Time to get back to writing. Will try to get something meaningful up at some point here. (Christ, I still haven't done my pics of Boston and England.)

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