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Boston -- because fuck you

I am having a WONDERFUL time here in Boston -- we'll, technically Melrose. But Friday we went into downtown and did parts of the Freedom Trail, including a really cool cemetery, and had a fab lunch at Faneuil Hall plus awesome snacks of the decadent, caloric kind. The weather totally cooperated with us and was gorgeous. I'm also on the food vacation, and we've eaten out at all these amazing places, including the country's oldest continually operating inn/restaurant.

There's nothing quite as fun as staying up too late with fan girls and yammering away. Margie and Seah yesterday spent the afternoon showing me vidding techniques I've never even heard of, and comparing Premiere for Mac with Final Cut, since I'm at a crossroads about what to do with FC not working anymore on Mountain Lion. Some of the stuff they showed me was amazing. I'm like, so THAT's what that does...

Tomorrow night I head for the airport and off to London. I'm really nervous because wow, the traffic going into Logan was insane when I arrived, and it worries me about making my flight. But I'm just an anxious traveler.

For some reason, I have broken out into zits o rama this whole time. It's making self conscious. But my hair is burgundy with lots of vibrant purple and purpley-pink,so that's good. I knew I was in Boston when the waitress at the cafe we went to when I arrived said, " Oh my god, I love your hay-ah."

But I have to say the traffic/ driving is like nothing I've ever seen outside of Italy or something. It's INSANE. I feel like we're going to die every time we go somewhere, not because of the people I'm with but because of the roads, conditions, and drivers. That meme about Boston roads being nuts because fuck you is so totally, totally accurate. I mean it'd be awe inspiring if it wasn't so terrifying.


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