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A few Yuletide recs

My treat, for the series Awake:
Notes For A Murky Morning (277 words) by Anonymous

This is really lovely and bittersweet, looking at Michael trying to cope with his two universes.

My main story, for Allstate Insurance (Mayhem):
And I'm the Obstacle You Never Expected (2003 words) by Anonymous

When I first saw that there was an original character, I was a little nervous, but Peggy the narrator is a fabulous creation, and a perfect match for Mayhem. I was lucky to get this!

James Bond/Casino Royale through Skyfall
All the Queen's Women and All the Queen's Men (1208 words) by Anonymous

Lovely voices, has a nice bitter tone under it.

Brittle Year (1096 words) by Anonymous

Wow, what an amazing take on what Bond and M had, and how things might be after Skyfall.

That Untravelled World (1105 words) by Anonymous

Wonderfully bittersweet, and a take on M after Skyfall that I want to think of as real.

Protégé (2012 words) by Anonymous

Fantastic portrait of M, with bonus Peggy Carter from Captain America.

Happy Endings
Cranberries (2999 words) by Anonymous

Wonderful, wonderful Jane voice, and a perfect Max as well.

How Grant got his Max back (1089 words) by Anonymous

This is the story I wish was an actual episode. I want Max and Grant to get back together so bad.

An Efficacious Remedy (4025 words) by Anonymous

I loved that there was a story centered around Mary, and that she gets some love and the possibility of a happy future. I still don't totally get why the doctor's friend played the Valentine's prank and I was hoping this might give me a reason, but it is a sweet take on the two of them getting together.

Case Histories
An Explanation Waiting To Happen (7231 words) by Anonymous

A look at Jackson trying to help one of his women with a broken wing clients.

and we'll be free (1194 words) by Anonymous

It doesn't seem like this one gets the love it deserves -- it's a beautiful picture of Elinor and what she thinks about in life.

Bourne movies
all the more reason (1331 words) by Anonymous

I guess because Bourne Legacy is getting all the love, this one is not getting the attention it deserves, but it should -- this is an excellent picture of Pamela Landy and the aftermath of her helping Jason.

The Diner Rules (4523 words) by Anonymous

Another time I was a little bit wary of an original character narration, but it was totally worth it and a good read for a point in time of Mallory's life, and how she affects some other women.

Fairytale Princess (2689 words) by Anonymous

It makes me sad that this is not getting many hits. This is an excellent look at Mallory's path through life, and the structure is unique and fascinating.

Gashlycrumb Tinies/Addams Family
V is for Virgil who died en flambé (1374 words) by Anonymous

This wasn't actually on my list to read, either fandom, really, but I'm so glad I detoured and read this. It has illustrations!

Buckaroo Banzai
A Few Sparks More (1069 words) by Anonymous

Awesome Rawhide voice, cute fill-in between the movie that was and the movie that never was.

I haven't even read for my major fandoms like Justified, but I hope I'll get there soonish. Festividding is taking up a lot of the time I expected to devote to more reading. I know there's still a plethora of stuff to read.

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