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Every year, on the...palindromic date...seriously, what do you call these dates? Anyway, every year, I've made a point to write a check for something so that I could write the dates down. My favorite was 6/6/(0)6, but I can still remember how incredibly excited I was to write one on 01/01/01. It was something I honestly wasn't sure I'd ever really see; growing up in the '60s and '70s, the turn of a century seemed very far away to me.

But I never had a chance to write a check today, which bummed me out. This is the last time I'll see one of these dates again in my lifetime, unless someone invents a way for us to live to 140 or so. And I'm not certain I'd want to live that long.

So goodbye, 12/12/12! It was fun while it lasted, and I'm sad to see you go, knowing you will be the last of your kind. Of course, there are still 10 minutes to go here in Seattle, so maybe the world will still end.

Spent a lot of the day sickish today with some kind of tummy thing. I still had to work out, though. I feel as if I've made zero progress in the past couple months, which is why I guess I've given up talking about it. Even with the nutrition thing, it just doesn't get any better. I definitely have more muscle, but size-wise, my clothes still feel the same. This really depresses me a lot. I feel like the only way I can lose any weight is to simply stop eating, the way I did many years ago when I was in a serious crisis emotionally and couldn't eat anything at all. And that's not going to happen (the not eating, not the crisis), so. I should be working on my Yuletide story, but my neighbors came over for whine and cheese night, and then it was just easy to slip into goofing off mode. Ass needs to be got into gear.

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