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Not guilty

Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show

You know, I don't really believe in guilty pleasures. I think people should enjoy what they watch, and don't watch what they don't enjoy. I feel guilty that I watch some things because I know that I should quit them, as they've grown really crappy, but I have a hard time letting go of things I'm fannish about. Otherwise... I guess the closest I've come is soaps. I don't feel guilty watching them, when I have watched them, but the snide comments and put-downs I get from other fans (which, seriously? People who watch the kinds of crap fans love have a high horse to get on?) I know often make me feel embarrassed. I know I shouldn't, but I do. But that's really it. I own everything I enjoy.

Speaking of things I watch and don't enjoy! And stuff I watch and do!

I've realized that I am really grinding down on Who these days. For a while I really enjoyed it, but the overly frenetic, awful pacing and the constant shouting and yelling have just really worn me down, and the thing I hate more than the screaming is the intrusive, frantic music that just never seems to end. I just watched the dirt swallowing episode tonight and I realize that while I like Eleven much more than I could have expected (he feels much more like the Eccleston interpretation than the Tennant), who I really adore is Rory. So of course he's doomed, which makes it feel unfun to watch. I don't understand why the companions always have to be comely young things or charming broads -- if we're lucky, we get a guy tagging along for a bit like Jack, Wilf, and Mickey, but I think a male companion without the female flipside would be just fine. ::makes whatever hands:: Anyway, I will keep watching because I like to know what everyone else is talking about, but I'm just dreading the impending doom or discarding of Rory, because I think he's just fine and worth watching all by his dorky self.

The World Cup is quite exciting this time. Though the reffing -- I'm still boiling over that red card on the Aussie the other day, which was a bad, bad call and I don't know if Australia has challenged it, but I hope they have. There were much iffier card situations in the game between NZ and Slovenia, I thought, and I'm sure it'll heat up as the cup progresses. Nonetheless, I'm pleased with ESPN2's handling of the games this time; they seem to have boned up a bit on their soccer, and they've picked some good folks who really do know the game to call the games.

I have had an issue though with a lot of people who profess this idea that keeps getting booted around about how the US (not that they could win it; I think it's going to be at least another decade before we can be contenders) doesn't deserve to win anything because we, Americans, don't care enough about soccer. I just... what? Really? Because so many people make jokes about not liking soccer, that means the whole country doesn't care? The thousands of kids who play and grow up to attend the matches don't count? The people like me, who've loved it since its first incarnation here as the NASL, don't count? There are tens of thousands of us who do go to the games and watch them on TV and support our teams, and teams around the world. When exhibition matches from the likes of Man U and Glasgow Rangers and others happen here in this country, you can't get tickets -- they sell out instantly.

But because famous people make jokes about it, and it hasn't yet received the support that older sports here have, we're just... not deserving. Which makes everything that the US team has worked for a joke, and trashes their hopes and dreams. They as players have a right to count. They're representing us, and we do care, and I hate that people use the lesser status of soccer in this country to besmirch everything those players have worked for. Grr. OK, /soapbox. Now, about that next match for South Africa -- I can't wait!

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Jun. 16th, 2010 06:45 am (UTC)
we, Americans, don't care enough about soccer.

Maybe people think that because Americans use the word "football" for something that isn't and won't use the name for the game that had it first.

But yes - the players that play the best deserve to win, whether the sport is popular where they live or not.
Jun. 16th, 2010 11:05 am (UTC)
who I really adore is Rory. So of course he's doomed

Oh, but is he? I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed that he'll come back into existence once the Doctor fixes that ominous crack that keeps appearing everywhere.

And I would dearly love to see a male companion travel with the Doctor again, like they did in Old Who.

They as players have a right to count.

Having watched the game in question from beginning to end, I would certainly have to agree that while there still may be a few (mostly techical and organisational) issues to solve, the US players have every right to count. They need to learn to trust on their instinct on the pitch a little more, though. They seemed a little hesitant at times. And too well-behaved ;-)

Jun. 24th, 2010 08:39 am (UTC)
h, but is he? I'm keeping my fingers firmly crossed that he'll come back into existence once the Doctor fixes that ominous crack that keeps appearing everywhere.

So this past week they killed him (I'm watching on BBC America, which is behind a bit). I feel pretty much done with the show now. I'm so effing sick of this. If you know something I don't, better tell me now!
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