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AO3 and me

I got an invite for the Archive of Our Own, so naturally I set up a page there, and have spent the past few days importing some of my shorter stories and one long one. Right now I have only six stories up, partly because I'm having troubles with the stories themselves and partly because I'm too lazy to post that many stories.

The account name is gwyneth, but that's because I was too stupid to understand that if I wanted my full name to appear on my stories, I had to, you know, sign up that way. I am a cotton-headed ninnymuggins, I tell you! I suppose I could cancel the account and start another one with the full name, but now that there are six stories, I'm less inclined to do it.

The big problem is that for some reasons, all the stories on my web site are porting over in narrow fixed widths, and I've taken all the other code out of them, but they still keep coming in that way -- it doesn't seem to matter whether I use the direct URL command to import, or copy the source code and paste it in. Sent in a bug report even though I'm not sure it's a bug -- I thought at first it might be a Dreamweaver thing, but it's doing it even with older stories I didn't use DW on. It also seems to be the same in Safari and Firefox. The two stories from the Yuletide archive are, of course, peachy keen.

I've never been much of an archive person because of issues I have around warnings and ratings and such, but at least there's the chance to not do that here so it works better for me. It makes me rather soul-crushingly aware, though, how out of it I am in terms of fic, and how old everything is. I have 10 more days to go before I turn the big five oh and things like this sort of make me want to cling to my last few days of less than half a century-ness even more. At the gym yesterday when I was putting in my weight and age on the elliptical, I said to the machine "Hah! You're not getting me to round up just yet, bastard!"

Speaking of ninnymugginses, and we were, there were two movie quotes in the last quotes post that weren't claimed. Here are the answers:

7. It's not like I'm a lesbian or something. ... It's just that all the people I've been attracted to happen to be girls. -- Election
10. I've never kissed a member of the clergy before. Would it be a sin? -- Robin & Marian

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Nov. 19th, 2009 05:01 am (UTC)
I was too stupid to understand that if I wanted my full name to appear on my stories, I had to, you know, sign up that way.

I think if you add your full name as pseudonym, it would turn up there. In brackets of course, but that might be better than nothing?
You just have to post the stories under your pseudonym or change them to your pseudonym.
Nov. 19th, 2009 05:12 am (UTC)
You can add your full name as a pseud. I've got my previous pseud (Elisabeth Hurst) in there, associated with my account name, which is Leela.

If you're in the website, click on My Home > My Preferences. There's a tab in that for Manage My Pseuds. You can use that to add a new pseud, such as your full name.
Nov. 19th, 2009 05:15 am (UTC)
Oh, and by the way, when I did that, and listed Elisabeth Hurst as the pseud/author of the stories, the stories show up as "by Elisabeth Hurst (Leela)" right now.

They're talking about possible just putting the pseud there, but who knows when/if that will happen.
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