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On Dog Whisperer tonight, they featured a story on a woman who rescued an abused dog even though she was in a really bad shape herself. Cesar recognizes that the dog's aggression is totally related to her pain from a debilitating injury and her emotional stress, so he has her undergo acupuncture and takes her to a meditation instructor.

When they walk in the door, there's... Jeff Kober. And it says "Jeff Kober Meditation Instructor" on the show ID. I totally freaked out -- I mean, the guy who specializes in playing sick psychos and evil supernatural characters on dozens and dozens of shows is a... guy who teaches meditation? And he's wearing glasses and looking all friendly. But of course, WE KNOW what he's really like. He's most famous among my fannish pack from his appearances on Buffy the Vampire Slayers and Mag 7, but he's also been in Burn Notice and SPN and you name it, he's been in it, usually playing a Very Bad Man. And still well known from his role on China Beach.

His bio doesn't mention anything about it. But I mean, I cannot imagine meditating with him sitting there. I'd be expecting him to start intoning in his evil way about how someone tastes like strawberries.

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